Fred on a tiny slide

Fred on a tiny slide

A swing beckons

Grace looks puzzled

Fred in a toy kitchen

There's a sprog party somewhere

It's a zoo

Fred twangs a ukulele as he sit son his slide

Fred's got crisp fingers

Ben strides up the road to Waterlook

On the way with a bag of Krispy Kremes

Chris and Stony

Slurping on Cuban-style fruit cocktails

Jon and Ben

Jon and Ben do a speech

Caroline, the two Jameses, Alex and Chris

TouchType leaves the building

On the streets of London

Noddy and Isobel in Tas Pide

Abby and Fred

Abby and Fred roam around in Tas Pide

The Turkish restaurant, near the Globe

Food arrives

The waitress takes a group photo

Noddy heads off to to the airport

Fred at Liverpool Street

Fred finds something amusing

A pastoral scene at the top of the Mellis Straight

Suey and the BSCC in the Six Bells

Colin looks stern

The Boy Phil reads the paper in the Six Bells

Another T25 van at Alive and V-Dubbin

Fred pokes around a junk stall

A multi-coloured VW van

The source of those annoying festival flags

A shiny purple Beetle

A cool cut-down Splitty

Fred roams around

Our van looks plain compared to the others

Some dude plays outdoor drums

A nice picnic set

A hula-hoop-a-thon

Shiny purple wheel-trim