Isobel and Fred outside the museum in Diss

Isobel and Fred outside the museum in Diss

Little pink flowers in a pot in Amandines Café

Rob with his leopard-skin guitar case

Henry, Max and Rob mill around outside Fritton House

Fritton House

The band strides up to the house

Henry tells us a story

Nosher reads a paper

The BBs roam around in our green rooms

Tables are set up

Fritton House

Max and Rob set up

Max and Rob continue sound checking

Max tunes up

Henry looks out

Fred shows his drink to The Boy Phil

Fred slurps a drink at the Hoxne Beer Festival

Fred at the beer festival

The view out of the beer shed

Barrels on stillage

Suey waves

Marc waves in the Swan beer garden

Fred and Suey

Fred's on a log

Fred waves a stick around

Fred runs about in a willow tree

Marc nearly falls off the bench

Beer in the garden

The beer garden of the Hoxne Swan

An old shop-front in Hoxne