A Christening, Wilford, Northamptonshire - 22nd May 2011

It's the Christening of Thomas: formerly from nearby Worlingworth, and baby brother to Fred's girl Elizabeth. The gig is in an attractive private estate church near Wilford in the depths of Northamptonshire, followed by tea at the farmhouse, including more cake than one could shake a very large stick at. We take the campervan over for what is probably its longest journey so far, however Isobel feels a bit ill so bails out to a soft, warm bed, leaving Nosher to make the most of having driven all the way at no more than 65mph.

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The assembled masses in the church

The christening in full flow, featuring Isobel the Godmother (third from right)

Jemma holds up a newly-annointed Thomas

Thomas gets shown around

Interesting painted ceiling in the chapel, featuring little windows of light, let in through the roof

Isobel with a stripy sock on her plaster-cast, joins in for a Godparents photo

A family photo

Walking down the path near the church

Fred's got a couple of girls in tow

Stephen and Baz walk out from the chapel

The amazing 'ark' cake

Fred plays a spot of footie

Fred's got the ball

In the kitchen

A group photo

Stephen and Thomas, with the cake

Elizabeth, Jemma, Stephen and Thomas pose for photos

Elizabeth helps to open the presents

Icing animals

A view from the farmhouse

The campervan, parked up in a barn

Fred runs about the farmyard

Elizabeth and Fred fil up the bird feeders

Fred chases Elizabeth over a field

Fred gets a stick out

Playing Pooh Sticks

Fred plays hard to get

Elizabeth and Fred, Hand in hand

Walking back to the farmhouse in the wind

Fred goes to see the sheep

Elizabeth feeds the lambs

The lambs run over to see what's up

An ancient Lister blower

Wooly lambs

Fred pretends to drive a large Deutz-Fahr tractor

Jemma drives us around on an old tractor

Elizabeth and Fred in the lamb pen

Isobel and Fred on the back of the International tractor

A final 'play date' with Elizabeth

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The assembled masses in the church