The BSCC Bike Ride, Rutland Water, Rutland - 14th May 2011

It's time for the annual Brome Swan Cycle Club thrash - this year featuring the return to the White Horse at Empingham, near to the "dam" end of Rutland Water. Nosher, Isobel and Fred the Head pile down in the van for a couple of days. Isobel, on account of the broken wrist, isn't cycling. Anyway, Nosher hauls The Boy around for the first couple of hours (stopping of at the Horse and Jockey for refreshment) before meeting up at the "lunch pub", where Isobel has arrived by taxi to take Fred away. The Boy is surprisingly chilled-out on such a long ride, with not a single complaint (maybe it was the promise of chips at the end).

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A derelict estate agents in Diss

The Bike Club massive have some evening drinks at the White Horse

Marc raises a glass

Fred at breakfast, complete with hamster cheeks stuffed with food

The Bike Club at breakfast

Where's Fred? wonders Isobel

Outside, a large delivery of garden benches occurs

Fred watches the bench delivery

Map checking, before the kick-off

Colin spins about on his steed

Marc gets the tandem out. DH eyeballs it warily

The cycle group before the off

Sue cycles along the road

Another stop the check the map

DH and a pint of non-beer

Fred gets some shades on

Milling around outside the Horse and Jockey - the first stop

DH gets ready to pile on the tandem again

Cycling down the road, Marc flags down an ice-cream van for a cone

A nice basket of pansies

Outside the White Horse Inn

Bill, Phil and DH

Bill stares at the perfectly-preserved 70s/80s pub decor

Bill does a spot of skip-diving. The skip contained a rather nice old leather suitcase

Normanton Church

The traditional poke around Normanton Church

Phil 'n' Bill

The Boy Phil considers the choppy waters

Bill and Marc

Another ice-cream van is spotted

Rumbled: we'd taken a short-cut but were spotted by the other group, who'd made a beeline for the same ice-cream van

More ice-cream consumption

Like a wind tunnel: the hardets part of the journey was the slog across the dam

Sitting down for dinner

Colin, Paul, Carmen and Bill

The ghost of Marc

The next day, Fred roams around with a stick

Fred pokes the big sculpture at Sykes Lane with his stick

The river at Stamford

Stamford town centre

Fred plays around in some taffeta in a shop in Stamford

Fred does some pointing

The derelict 'London Inn' pub in Stamford

The coaching sign for 'The George'

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A derelict estate agents in Diss