DH and Suey at the bar

DH and Suey at the bar

The Boy Phil moves in

The Saga group

Evening conversation in the White Horse

Carmen looks up

Marc raises a glass

Fred has hamster cheeks stuffed with food

The Bike Club at breakfast

DH has breakfast

Fred hides so he can't be seen

Paul looks puzzled

Outside, a large delivery of garden benches occurs

Fred watches the bench delivery

In the car park

Map checking, before the kick-off

Colin spins about on his steed

Colin spins around the car park

Jill checks her bike out as well

Marc's got the tandemo out

DH eyeballs the tandem warily

Fred on the bike seat

Pippa looks keen to go

The BSCC assembles for a photo

The cycle group before the off

Sue cycles along the road

Another stop the check the map

The Boy Phil drinks, er, orange juice

DH and a pint of non-beer

Fred gets some shades on

Outside the Horse and Jockey

Jill grabs her bike helmet

Apple considers the pile of bikes

Suey and Marc

DH busts some moves

Bill ties his shoes up

Marc and DH in the pub car park

Marc flags down a passing ice-cream van

We stop off at another White Horse

A nice basket of pansies

Fred leans over

Isobel and The Boy

Carmen takes Fred for a walk

Outside the White Horse Inn

The BSCC in the White Horse beer garden

The White Horse Inn

A view from the bench

Bill, Phil and DH

Bill stares at the preserved 70s/80s pub decor

The Boy Phil finds something amusing

Bill checks a skip out

Bill goes skip-diving and finds a leather suitcase

Normanton Church

Walking around the church

The traditional poke around Normanton Church

Marc roams around

Phil 'n' Bill

The Boy Phil considers the choppy waters

Bill and Marc

Bill reads a poster in the window

DH on the path back from the church

We find another ice cream van

Bill by the ice-cream van

Bill and Marc eat ice creams

Our short-cut is rumbled by the Sagas

The ice-cream van is popular with the BSCC

It's a real slog across the wind-swept dam

Sitting down for dinner

The Boy Phil gives the hairy eyeball

After-dinner chatting

Colin has a laff

Alan holds court

The hidden horse in the White Horse sign

The next day, we take Fred to Rutland Water

Fred roams around with a stick

Fred pokes the big sculpture at Sykes Lane

Fred on the grass

The river at Stamford

Stamford town centre

Stamford High Street

Fred plays around in some taffeta in a shop in Stamford

Fred on a bench

Fred does some pointing

The derelict London Inn pub in Stamford

The coaching sign for The George