Fred in a Box, Suffolk - 24th April 2011

Fred gets a new house, courtesy of a large delivery box - it keeps him entertained for several days. Later, the Mikey-P Massive come over to hang out in the garden and picnic in the sun. The following week - that of the free extra day off courtesy of the Royal wedding - Isobel's uncle Charles visits for a couple of days. At the same time, Nosher's dad rocms up, so it's a busy weekend. We go for a short walk up to nearby Brome church, and then it's a bash down at the village hall to celebrate the wedding gig.

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Fred looks out from his new cardboard home

Isobel and Fred wander up past the church in Diss

Fred sits on a step on Mere Street

Nosher's playing organ for th Easter Day service in Thrandeston

Nosher gets a nice Cocoa Mama chocolate fish for Easter

Fred the hippy on hid trike

The Mikey P Massive come round for a picnic

Rosie gets the upside-down treatment

Rosie and Fred in a box

Rosie looks on as Fred roams around

Uncle Charles and The Old Man in the back garden

'Fred wants in'

A pew end in Brome church

Stained glass windows

Charles and Isobel

Older stained glass in Brome church

Wooden carvings, and Isobel milling around outside

The floor is painted with light from stained glass windows

Fred runs up to great-uncle Charles

Wrought iron door detail

Isobel. Fred and Charles walk up to the village hall

Annabel dances whilst Fred stands still

The children watch the balloon dude

Fred and Amelia eat food

There's a photo on the wall of Brome Village Hall of the B-17 crash only metres from Nosher's gaff in 1943

Fred's on the cake again

Royal wedding biscuits

Punch and Judy

Fred's got a balloon

Amelia and Clive look out of the window

Social club action

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Fred looks out from his new cardboard home