Bubbles and Macro Fun, Suffolk - 17th April 2011

Fred gets the bubble machine out in the back garden, whilst Nosher roams around with a 30-year-old Pentax SMC 50mm lens on a set of bellows for a spot of macro photography

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Fred watches bubbles

A load of bubbles overwhelm The Boy

A bubble drifts towards the house, reflecting the kitchen window in two planes (on the front and the back of the bubble)

Apple blossom and a ladybird

A tiny beetle suddenly appears from the stamens of a blossom

A ladybird pootles about

More spotty ladybird action

A small dandelion

A daisy in the lawn

A small feather floats about

Close-up of brick mortar

A disembodied chimney pot pokes at the sky

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Fred watches bubbles