Nosher's Last Bumbles, Bressingham, Norfolk - 25th March 2011

[Alert - sprog-tastic photo set!] When Nosher was made redundant from Taptu just before Christmas, the job of looking after The Boy on Mondays and Fridays moved on to the replacement list of jobs (along with DIY projects for the rest of the week). On Fridays, this involves a trip to the group that is Bumbles, over in Bressingham, where Fred gets to run around like a nut for an hour or two. Frankly. it's a life-saver as after an hour or two at Bumbles, followed by lunch and a sleep, he's set for the day. Job done. However, a new job in that there London (but with lots of working from home) commences, and so this is the last (regular) trip to the gig.

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Fred runs around with a stick

Fred (right) helps to plant some sunflower seeds

Messing around in the dirt

Fred pokes his seed into his pot

An empty Bressingham village hall, as everyone is outside in the Spring sunshine

Planting potatoes

The kids 'help' to sow seeds

Milling around in the grass

Fred rolls about

Preparing the banana snacks (and testing the cakes)

Fred gets a biscuit

Fred on a fishy see-saw

An outdoor sing-song

On Fair Green in Diss, there's a load of bumper cars ready to go

Isobel and Fred eat some illicit Fish 'n' Chips on Fair Green

Isobel roams the fairground

Black-and-white bumper cars

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Fred runs around with a stick