March Miscellany: Oak's Birthday and The Old Chap Visits, Suffolk - 12th March 2011

It's Oak's first birthday, so there's a bit of a do around the cabin. Then, Nosher's Old Chap visits for the weekend, which is always a good excuse to set fire to stuff.

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A milling throng of Rabbits

Oak gets a present as Martina looks up

A sinister painted face looms up

Fred and Isobel (right)

A striking tree

The view from below a swing

Contra jour scene of people

Martina brings the cake out

At the end of Nosher's road there an iron fence that has never been seen before in 17 years

Fred and The Old Chap in Amandines

Millie the Mooch ambles across a picnic blanket

Fred's Granddad sets fire to stuff

Fred and Granddad scrabble about in the dirt

Fred runs around laughing

A study in light

Isobel looks on as the Old Chap pokes around the fire

An accidental shutter release looks like a star trail, but with light peeking through leaves

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A milling throng of Rabbits