A Day At Banham Zoo, Norfolk - 7th March 2011

Nosher and The Boy are casting around for something to do on a Monday. It's a nice day for a change, and so the obvious thing to do is head over to Banham Zoo to look at animals for a while. The following Friday, after one of Fred's sprog-groups, there's a picnic in Diss Park.

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A monkey suffers a bout of profoundly-existentialist ennui

A seal is checked for those white marks left by deodorant

A simples life

A stripey red panda has a yawn

Fred has one of his escape attempts thwarted by a brick wall

A chimp stare-off

A slightly-absurd chicken struts about

Fred swings about in Diss Park

Fred trundles about the toddler section by himself

Kirsty and Suzanne swing about

Fred in the toy shop: 'nothing to see here, move along...'

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A monkey suffers a bout of profoundly-existentialist ennui