A Week in Dublin, Ireland - 1st March 2011

Isobel has a meeting in Dublin for work, and so - as Nosher doesn't have much else to do at the moment - we all head over for the week. Nosher is mostly hanging out with Fred during the day (although Evelyn rather awesomely takes Fred in to her creche for a few hours on three mornings), so we poke around Blackrock and the coast, and head in to Dublin on the train for a few hours.

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Our broken Ruinair 737-800: the bogs weren't working so we had to all pile off and switch planes

Brooding skies over Dublin Bay, looking to Dun Laoghaire

A woman and her dog go separate ways

A woman chats on her mobile phone: 'I'M ON THE SEA'

Birds take to the air over Dublin Bay

Election posters still festoon the street furniture in Sandymount

On East Wall Road, a goods train rumbles across the street

Goods wagon graffiti

Fred and Isobel roam the food stalls in East Point business park

Bare Silver Birch trees

Evelyn takes Fred out for a bit of fresh air

Fred gets the upside-down treatment with Evelyn

Down at Blackrock DART station, Fred gets to say 'train coming' a lot

The Dublin Customs House

A lone dude surveys the suspended footpath over the Liffey at Eden Quay

Ireland's Labour Party might have got a few more votes if they'd put their signs on the right way up

Temple Bar graffiti

Brightly-painted buildings in Temple Bar

Nosher and Fred stop off for pancakes in Temple Bar

Urban decay, Temple Bar style

A dude reads a newspaper on the corner of Price's Lane and Burgh Quay

The 'Heineken' Building

A statue of O'Connell

Fred on an escalator

Fred looks around on the DART back to Blackrock

The remains of the Blackrock outdoor baths

Louise and Fred mess about in the back garden

Louise reads Fred a story

Conway's bar in Blackrock

Noddy and Isobel

Noddy steps outside for a smoke

Noddy and a cloud of smoke

Blackrock Main Street

Eddie Rocket's diner in Blackrock

Noddy counts his change

Isobel checks out her malt

Jen Mac on the beach at Sandymount

Precarious sign advertises danger

Fred, Isobel and Jen stride along the Sandymount beach

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Our broken Ruinair 737-800: the bogs weren't working so we had to all pile off and switch planes