Isobel hauls Fred around on a sledge

Isobel hauls Fred around on a sledge

Fred in the park

Nosher has a go hauling the Boy

Fred in his sledge

We abandon the sledges and walk into town

The boys in Browne's the butchers

The cats leave a delightful present

A spotty fish head in a bowl

The cake swap deal goes down

The Mommy mafia in Banham Zoo car park

Cakes are swapped

Isobel and the Mommies

More cake dealing

Fred says bye to Amelia

We head into the zoo

Walking around Banham zoo

A pair of Llamas

Milling around in the cold

More llamas

The joys of Soft Play

It's a sprog melée in soft play

Fred and Sophie play

Hissing cockroaches

A lizard on a stick

Fred looks worried

Grace with Santa Claus

Fred visits Santa

Fred gets a Santa gift

Amelia visits Santa as well

Fred's got a stuffed toy

Fred hauls his new toy around

The snowy fields of Norfolk

Blue skies and snowy fields

The snowy road to Banham

The weak winter sun

The road to Diss

There's an interesting pattern on some grated cheese

Fred runs around the church

Fred in his lion costume

Fred legs it

Fred with a carol sheet

Up at the altar in St. Mary of Antioch