Walking around the village

Walking around the village

People look like they're off camping

A load of washing on the line

Sheep are herded past a pond

A herd of donkeys

A woman in the bush

We're back on (or off) the road

A goat herder

We stop off at a 'truck stop'

Souvenir belts, and bananas for sale

Isobel gets a coffee in the café

The Cactus Bar

Bundles of road-side wood for making charcoal

A street scene in Narok

Outside the Narok Highway Pharmacy

A petrol station by the Meeyu Bookshop

Construction work in Narok

A lorry park in Maai Mahiu

An ancient car sits on old tyres in Maai Mahiu

The Musafi Hotel does chips, apparently

Shops in the rain, Maai Mahiu

The bucolic Fisherman's Camp by Lake Naivasha

A view out over Lake Naivasha

Isobel and a bottle of waiting Tusker beer

Isobel in a pizza café

Nosher and Isobel

Isobel and Will stride out to the boat

Will and Tony: a study in orange and green

A random dock-side stall

Isobel surveys the lake

Nosher, with a stubble thing going on

Tony, Isobel and Nosher

A heron perches on a flimsy tree

Pelicans hang around

A pelican takes to the air

Floating lily pads and spindly trees

A blurry hippo

More floating lilies, and a calm Lake Naivasha

A hippo out to graze, only metres from the bar

Our cabin's facilities

The bathroom 'sink'

Isobel sorts out the ever-present mosquito net

Our cabin

Another view of our camp

Isobel heads off

Our luxury apartment

A Splendid Starling pokes about

A side street overlooking the lake

Will cycles a rented bike towards Hell's Gate

Isobel and Will on the dusty road

We cycle into Hell's Gate

Cycling around near Fischer's Tower at Elsa Gate

Isobel pauses so we can catch up

Isobel nearly misses the giraffe in the trees

A large eagle or falcon surveys the scene

Isobel by a picnic spot

We clamber down in to the gorge

Perfect layers of sedimentary rock

The going is tricky and wet in places

Will and Isobel walk along the dried riverbed

Isobel stops for a moment

Years of graffiti carved in to the sandstone

Will and Isobel in the gorge

Isobel pauses with a group of school children

Another 'school photo'

Nosher and Isobel wait to climb down

A crowd of schoolgirls waits for us to pass

One of the boys has taken a shine to Isobel

A lad fills his bottle with hot water

Isobel takes an impromptu shower

Inspecting the warm water

Nosher and Isobel back on top of the gorge

Will is overwhelmed by dust from a passing van

Another pause on the bikes

Authentic roadside grub at Maai Mahiu