The pub gang on Platform 2 at Diss

The pub gang on Platform 2 at Diss

Alan, Pippa, Apple, Paul and Sue on the platform

Diss station's ticket office and waiting rooms

Alan, Benny and Gloria discuss topics of the day

The Boy Phil gets his first beer in

Beer action

St. Andrew's Hall

Phil and Suey contemplate their next beer

Hayley Moyses's Bluegrass Forum

Down in the cloisters, the SCC massive hang out

Andrew, Russell and Phil

Russell and Phil check the beer list

Andrew and the other Russell have a slurp

Outside St. Andrew's Hall

Apple and Paul lurk around the ticket machines

Paul clutches his glass for safety

Alan prowls around the ticket barriers

Apple looks a little lost in Norwich station

Apple, Pippa and Suey head to the platform

We pile on to the train

On the train

Apple, Pippa and Alan

The Boy Phil checks his phone

A Mark 3 coach's toilet

The train carriage inter-connect vestibule

Alan checks his tickets

Life on a train

The trains pulls out on its way to London

In Pippa's mum's shed