Diss Misc and The Norwich Beer Festival, Suffolk and Norfolk - 27th October 2010

Once again, the Brome Swan massive pile on the train up to Norwich to partake in the annual Beer Festival thrash. This year, in addition to the usual shenanigans, a posse of chums from a former life (that of Suffolk County Council) have made the trip too. But first, there's a round-up of randomness...

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Fred and Isobel stomp across 'Big Park' in Diss, towards the Mere

Fishing dudes on an autumney day

It's Gemma's leaving do at Worlingworth Village Hall

The 'Mommy Mafia' mill around

Mikey P and Rosie

At the Mellis Railway beer festival, Isobel and Fred stare out of the window

A giant spider is poised to overwhelm Mellis

Back at Taptu in Cambridge, some desk moving occurs

A desk is carried about

Paul's desk has a little bit of stuff left on it

On Diss station, Al, Pip, Apple, Paul and Sue mill about

Al, Benny and Gloria discuss the topics of the day

The Boy Phil gets his first beer in

Beer action

Phil and Sue contemplate their next beer

Musical interlude

Down in the cloisters, the SCC massive hang out: Andrew, Russell, Phil, Julian and the other Russell

Andrew, Russell and Phil

Drinks ahoy

Outside St. Andrew's Hall, we head back for the train

Apple and Paul lurk around the ticket machines

Al prowls around the othern side of the ticket barriers

Apple looks a little lost in Norwich station

A railway bog

The train carriage inter-connect vestibule

Apple, Pip and Al sit back and let the train take the strain

Late-night action as we head down the road from Diss station

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Fred and Isobel stomp across 'Big Park' in Diss, towards the Mere