Marinell taxis up the runway

Marinell taxis up the runway

P-51 D Mustang 'Janie' takes off on a sortie

DH chats to a van driver

Fred and Isobel

Starting the Jeep up

Some reversing occurs

Maurice's Harvard trainer

A cool biplane

Another plane

A view of the biplane cockpit

A US Army observation plane with fat wheels

Isobel and Fred wander about

Monument to the 93rd Bomb Group

A Ford hot-rod

A Boeing Stearman

Inside the aircraft hanger

Janie taxis up the runway for another flight

Janie crosses the drive

Marinell follows behind with another passenger

Inspecting the radial engine of a Stearman

A Pratt and Whitney badge

A Pratt and Whitney engine

Fred trundles about in the hangar

Marinell parked up

Janie and Marinell

Chris stands up in Janie

Maurice climbs in to Marinell

Marinell fires up

Janie and Marinell, props idling

The two Mustangs taxi up to the runway

Marinell's tail wheel lifts up

Janie heads down the runway for take-off

The Harvard again

The cool registration of G-DAVE

The Auster preps for takeoff

Menwhile, we take Fred to look at the nearby pigs

Pig city

Fred runs around in the hangar

Fred looks at an exhibit

Another good registration: G-MUDY

Isobel and Fred in front of Janie

Marinell in the low sun

Fred runs around pretending to be an aeroplane

Fred's got his arms up

Nosher runs about with Fred

Isobel does aeroplanes

Janie, the Mustang

Marinell and Janie watch the setting sun