The cats have caught a rabbit

The cats have caught a rabbit

Fred and Elizabeth in the kitchen

Boris is stuck up a tree about one metre up

Boris - Stripey Cat - in a tree

Fred hangs on to a tree

There's a helicopter on the A14

The East Anglian Air Ambulance at Six Mile Bottom

An inquisitive cow

Fred on the path through Thornham

Pastoral scene, and munching moos

Fred roams about in the walled garden

Big tree

A chicken-wire dinosaur

A Great Tit pecks at peanuts

A variety of tits peck at peanuts

A dim pheasant pokes around

Flying tit action (giggle)

Fred stomps along the boardwalk from the hide

Fred on the swings

Fred the Head again

Isobel feeds the ducks

A duck gets in close to steal bread

Isobel by the Mere in Diss

Fred has a look out over the Mere

Isobel and Fred

Ladbrokes relocates to the centre of town

Isobel and The Boy

Isobel and Fred walk along Mere Street

A hazy sun hangs low in the sky

Isobel does a bit of 'off roading'

Isobel on her bike