A Claas combine in action on the back field

A Claas combine in action on the back field

The yacht club at Dun Laoghaire

Fred and Isobel walk along the harbour wall

Isobel pushes the buggy around

Fred points out to sea

Sea-side band stand

Fred looks out from the band stand

Fred gets a bit of a fling-around

Dun Laoghaire harbour wall

The southern lighthouse at Dun Laoghaire harbour

Isobel gets an ice cream

Nosher and Fred

Nosher and The Boy demolish some ice creams

The bench by Teddy's ice creams

Fred stuffs as much as he can into his face

Port (in both senses) lighthouse

Dun Laoghaire

The original Dublin Airport building, completed in 1941

Some sort of mini spaghetti junction

Dublin Bay and the Poolbeg winkies

Somewhere near Birmingham

A town in Essex

Passengers wait to leave

A mutant tomato is picked