Isobel and Nosher in the van

Isobel and Nosher in the van

There's a 'thank you' in magnetic letters

Nosher plays some guitar

Over at Taptu, Brett has overloaded a waffle iron

Brett desperately tries to rescue the waffle iron

Bret drops waffle on the floor

James's waffle iron is working again

Brett has another go in the Taptu kitchen

Fred lounges about in the 'extension'

Isobel looks at Fred

Walking around the campsite

Euro tents

Fred and Isobel down by the lakes

Fred looks at chickens

Fred's up late getting a bit of a fling-around

In Yaxham, there's a yard full of old bits of engine

A Kerr Stuart 'Joffre' steam engine, number 3010

A traction engine

Isobel looks at a fork-lift

Various traction engines

Inside an old steam-engine boiler

Yaxham Station

A level crossing at Yaxham

Some LNER signalling equipment

A derelict 1940s building, Yaxham

Hawksworth Pannier 9466 trundles past the campsite

Mark 1 coaches go past

Fred and Isobel

A funky Yurt

Fred and Isobel in classic 80s rolling stock

A pair of tickets

The Yaxham station sign

Old advertising on a station toilet block

Steam and smoke blow through the trees

1980s train vestibule. It seemed modern at the time

A crossover with Class 31 31438

The Class 31 rumbles down the line

The old 'Built BR Workshops' step edging

Fred considers another chocolate cornflake crispy

We stop at Wymondham

Fred acts as a passport to get us on the footplate

Lovely shiny bits of steam engine, and fire

Hawksworth Pannier engine 9466 at Wymondham

Buffers and couplings

9466 moves along the platform

The carriages come back to pick us up

Fred hides behind Silky Sue

Fred on the train

A semaphore signal

Yaxham station

Fred escapes through the train

A jumble of liveries and rolling stock

Some derelict engines

A loco in 1980s Intercity livery

A Mark 1 coach in the old BR livery