New kitchen tables are constructed at Taptu

New kitchen tables are constructed at Taptu

New tables for Taptu's kitchen

The Boy Phil and Fred

Fred and Isobel get installed in the campsite

Fred rummages fo a snack

It's Tent City

Our little camping patch

The Boy Phil teases Fred with Silky Sue

Phil with Silky Sue

A champagne cork is covered in ants

Festival scenes

The view to the Obelisk Arena


A stall pumps out bubbles all day

A much-needed source of shade

Isobel's got a guide book

We pitch up by the main stage

Fred gets some snack action

Fresh from the hunt

Fred's got a hat on

Fred looks wary

The ubiquitous Peltor Kid ear defenders

Some dude manages to get 4 pints back in one go

Fairy wings

The huntsman reads the festival guide

A pink Latitude lamb

A spot of yoga, whilst waiting for the next band

Mexican wrestlers

Fred takes a photo of The Boy Phil

Fred and Isobel

Nosher flings Fred into the air

Isobel and Fred go for a walk

On the dusty trail

Festival toilets: the horror

Back in Tent City

Phil foolishly shows Fred his tent

Fred pokes about in Phil's tent, trying to steal food

Fred looks like he's got a can of Stella

Florence and The Machine

Florence and the Machine do their thing

After-dark merchandising

Another stall at night

Florence Welch

The next morning

Brightly-painted people

The hall of mirrors

Fred dances for Suzanne and Nick, from Taptu

More festival crowds

A bright pink wig

Contra jour: the crowds bask in the evening sunshine

More crowds in the setting sun

Somebody's up a tree

Smoke across the site

By the Lake Stage

Somebody points

Funky stalls

Belle and Sebastian

Another act on the main stage

A café entrance

Stars over the fields of Suffolk

We huddle around tea-lights and drink sloe gin

The next morning and Fred's got his belly out

Flags and people

Fred gets a belly rub

The Boy Phil in his tent

There's an APC parked outside Taptu

An armoured personnel carrier appears outside the office

An APC on the Science Park

Krispy Kreme donuts at Taptu