Fred at Diss Carnival - 21st June 2010

Whilst there's normally an aversion to doing too many photos of The Boy in any one set, sometimes that's Just How It Is. And so with this set: it's mostly Fred doing stuff at the after-the-event bit of Diss Carnival (Fred having been asleep for the main event).

next album: June Miscellany: The BBs at Yaxley and Stag Beers, Suffolk - 19th June 2010
previous album: Oak's Introduction Barbeque and Fred, Stuston and Brome, Suffolk - 14th June 2010

Fred sure loves tractors

Fred on a Willys jeep

A silver jazz band

Bill and Carmen are in the crowd

Isobel has a go on those wheelie things

Fred steals a couple of hoops and stomps off with them

Bungee jumpers and climbing walls

Fred reaches out

Head to head

Fred looks out over the world

17th-cenury woman and 21st-century plastic bag

Fred runs about clutching his bit of samosa

Sue spots Fred roaming about

Sue scoops up The Boy

Someone on a 'wheel of steel'

A bright green caterpillar

Fred's got a Stick

Milly the Mooch

Fred reaches over to the radio (to turn it up, probably)

Fred stares

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Fred sure loves tractors