The Smoke House Blue band

The Smoke House Blue band

Nosher watches Fred on a tractor

Fred on a tractor

Fred does a bit of steering

Isobel takes Fred to see fire engines

Fred on a Willy's Jeep

Smoke House Blue jazz band

We bump into Carmen and Bill

Isobel has a go on those wheelie things

Isobel wheels away

Fred's got a couple of hoops

Bungee jumpers and climbing walls

Isobel gives Fred a piggyback

Isobel does some head banging

Fred the Head on Isobel's head

Fred goes upside-down

Fred finds it hilarious

Fred on a merry-go-round

Fred roams around with a balloon

Fred reaches out

Head to head

The Diss Express team

17th-cenury woman and 21st-century plastic bag

Sue spots Fred roaming about

Amandine's Sue chats to Fred

Isobel visits the Amandines stall

Sue scoops up The Boy

Someone on a 'wheel of steel'

A girl in a wheel

Wheels of steel

Fred looks a bit lost

A bright green caterpillar stuck to a wall

Fred's got a stick

Millie the Mooch

A sippy cup and comedy shades

The back garden is full of toys

Fred reaches up to poke the radio

Wavy in the Ping Pong tent

More table-tennis action

Fred reads a book

Nosher's vintage computer collection