The BBs Up The Junction, Cambridge - 1st June 2010

It's a bit random, and we're only on stage for about 25 minutes, but The BBs get to perform for the first time at a purpose-built music venue with lights and sound engineers and everything - The Junction in Cambridge. We're the penultimate spot in a night with four other acts, and we have a total of 8 minutes to steam on to stage, set up, sound check and start playing, so no pressure then. Whilst we set up, the previous act - Ed Sheeran - jumps in to the crowd and keeps them entertained with some acoustic action. Despite some trepidation about our place in amongst a bunch of Bright Young Things, the modest crowd appear to be enjoying it and a reasonably-sized cluster are thrashing around like they're at a Sex Pistols gig - the gig turns out to be good fun - albeit a bit short. Isobel's left The Boy with friends and manages to get along to watch, which is a bonus, and takes a few snaps of us in action (Nosher had neglected to mention that the camera was in manual focus mode though). Firstly, however, it's Nosher's birthday and Isobel has tracked down an impressive stash of older Pentax lenses and a mint-condition Pentax ME Super with motor drive, at a car-boot sale - all for about the cost of a couple of chart CDs. The stash even comes in a pretty good case. So there's fun to be had testing them out. Then, Nosher's off to Wavy's for a beer, and Isobel joins in upon her return from Dublin...

next album: Oak's Introduction Barbeque and Fred, Stuston and Brome, Suffolk - 14th June 2010
previous album: Nosher's Stag Weekend: Paintball and Lymington, Hampshire - 22nd May 2010

Fred carries around a lens case

A quick test with a mint-condition 50mm f2 manual lens

Fred with a hat he stole from the nursery

The Mortlock Massive depart

Fred says 'hi' to Martina and Oak (as in the tree)

Lemon Oak

Inside the cabin, sheltering from a passing shower

Isobel arrives from Dublin; The Boy plays footie

A well-used dressing room

The rest of the band arrive from Diss

Henry chats to some of the other musos

The BBs on stage

Spotlights everywhere

Backstage graffiti

An arrow points the way to the stage

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Fred carries around a lens case