Fred in Southwold. Suffolk - 7th March 2010

It's a nice day - seemingly the first that actually coincides with a weekend for several months - so we head over to Southwold to see the sea. It's that sort of day where it's about minus 20$deg;C in the wind, and positively balmy when sheltered. We manage to squeeze in some sort of picnic on the promenade, where we even bump in to The Boy Phil's parents who are also out for the day.

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Little paintings on the door of a beach hut

Fred the Head and Isobel on the prom

Fred stares at the sea and eats a spot of picnic fodder

Roaming around, in a hat

Fred and Isobel take a stroll

The shiny sea

Fred peers in to one of Tim Hunkin's newer contraptions in the 'under the pier' show on Southwold pier

Fred runs about

Fred on the pier

Murky sea, and lots of parallel lines

A plaque commemorating Trinity House lighthouses - 1514-2001. The Southwold lighthouse is in the background

Fred has a go at video street-racing

'Quack quack' is on the list of new words

Back home, a rather striking aircraft contrail in the evening sky

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Little paintings on the door of a beach hut