Demolition in full effect

Demolition in full effect

A smashed window

A wrecked building

The building seems more vandalised than demolished

There's no glass left in the windows

The core of the building is a pile of rubble

The remains of reception

Round the back, destruction machinery awaits

At Stansted airport, The Boy roams around near Gate 40

Fred leans on a bench

The sea at Greystones

Isobel looks out to sea

On the promenade at Greystones, hand-prints on the concrete

The Irish seem to have a real penchant for sign alterations

A pavement lighthouse

Greystones promenade

The Boy stares out to sea

Fred roams around with Silky Sue

Fred pushes his own buggy along

Isobel and Fred on the beach

Nosher builds a small cairn topped with a crab claw

Isobel and Fred

Footsteps in the sand

Isobel and Fred scope for interesting stones

A rudimentary stone game

Hanging out on the beach

Philly, Fred and Isobel

We head up the beach

Fred pouts

In a café garden

A spot of lunch

An abandoned Aga-like stove in the garden of the café

Fred's eye can be seen through the holes in the back of a chair

Nosher and Fred

Mooney and Sons hardware store in Greystones

A smiley face on a pillar

Jagged rocks by the sea

An anchor, surrounded by hoardings

Isobel peers through to the building site

The anchor on Greystones clifftop

A new harbour and seawall is constructed

A nice 1950s yellow petrol pump

The derelict Wayne petrol pump

Yellow pumps at Davis Motors

Davis Motors petrol station, Greystones

Derelict building, Bray, Co. Dublin

A closed-up amusements arcade, Bray

Fred's got shades on

Evelyn and Fred

Fred sticks on Noddy's panama hat in Dublin airport

Isobel and Fred

The crowds surge on to the plane

Dublin Airport's new terminal

A Ruinair 737 gets towed away

At a rainy Stansted airport, an Easyjet 737 trundles off somewhere

In Stansted airport's baggage hall, an infinite sea of trolleys awaits