A Day in Co. Dublin, Ireland - 28th February 2010

It's Nosher's first trip flying solo with The Boy - over to Dublin to meet up with Isobel who's been there since Wednesday night. Frankly, Nosher had been dreading it for a couple of days, but as it turned out The Boy was quite entertaining to travel with, and there's a certain amount of restoration of the faith in human nature as there do always seem to be people around who'll help out someone traveling alone with a baby. When we meet up, we head over to Greystones, just south along the coast, to have a spot of lunch with Philly and Davida and generally hang out on the beach for a bit. But first - a building on the Science Park in Cambridge is being demolished...

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Demolishion in full effect

A smashed window

Wreckage is strewn about - the building seems more vandalised than demolished

Round the back, destruction machinery awaits

At Stansted airport, The Boy roams around near Gate 40

On the promenade at Greystones, hand-prints on the concrete

The Irish seem to have a real penchant for sign alterations

Greystones promenade

The Boy stares out to sea

Fred pushes his own buggy along

Isobel and Fred on the beach

Nosher builds a small cairn topped with a crab claw

Footsteps in the sand

Iz and Fred scope for interesting stones

A rudimentary stone game

Hanging out on the beach

Philly, Fred and Isobel

Kids' fishy murals on the promenade

A spot of lunch

An abandoned aga-like stove in the garden of the café

Fred's eye can be seen through the holes in the back of a chair

Nice old hardware store in Greystones

An anchor

A new harbour is constructed

Lovely old 30s-50s petrol pump

A nice pair of yellow vintage 50s petrol pumps and signage, Greystones

Derelict building, Bray, Co. Dublin

A closed-up amusements arcade, Bray

Fred 'the dude' models some shades

Fred sticks on Noddy's panama hat in Dublin airport

A Ruin-air 737-800 gets pushback

At a rainy Stansted airport, an Easyjet 737 trundles off somewhere

In Stansted airport's baggage hall, an infinite sea of trolleys awaits

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Demolishion in full effect