Fred finds an empty bottle of oil

Fred finds an empty bottle of oil

Fred models his mad hair for the almost-last time

Fred trundles about in Antonio Giovanni's

Fred roams around

Fred's by the door

Isobel and Fred in the chair

Isobel holds Fred as his locks are trimmed

Nicky sorts The Boy's hair out

A newly-shorn boy

Fred eats a rusk in a café

Isobel and Fred in the Cornhall

Fred roams around with Silky Sue

Max is on stage

Jo gets mic leads out of a box

Fred and Silky Sue

Nosher's keyboards

Henry watches

The other bands get their gear out

The BBs and Vanilla Kick hang out

Sound checks on stage

Henry stands by the stage

A guitar moment

Vanilla Kick/These Ghosts action

Callum on keyboards

The bass guitar dude

Bass guitar

A cool pattern from coloured lights

Fred and Isobel try and avoid the fierce wind

A stormy sea and a Martello tower, East Lane, Bawdsey

Partisan graffiti

Fred behind Isobel's car

Adios Radios at East Lane

Isobel and The Boy wait, parked on the muddy lane

Fred the Head eats crackers and cheese in the Oyster Inn, Butley

Fred grabs a spoon

Fred walks around in the pub

Fred considers a trip to the fireplace

Fred and Isobel

The Oyster Inn car park

A Cambridgeshire Karate 'scarecrow' kicks out at the fence