A pair of 'Moon dogs' - nighttime rainbows

A pair of 'Moon dogs' - nighttime rainbows

Suey's made a mini snowman for the windowsill

DH, Phil and Paul at the bar

A game of 'Plonky Die' occurs

Marc watches the game unfold

Alan behind the bar

Suey makes more snow-people

Adnam's Old is on at the bar

Paul contemplates his move

Marc sits this one out

DH and Marc near the fruit machine

The ghosts of Suey and The Boy Phil roam outside

Suey makes some snowballs

The shed and Isobel's car in the moonlight

Fluffy moonlit clouds

The house is all lit up

The moon through the hedge

Clouds scud over the side field

The 'car park'

Nosher draws a heart on Isobel's car

The back garden looks like daylight