The Graffiti and Dereliction of County Dublin, Ireland - 26th December 2009

We catch the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin Port for Christmas. Whilst in the area (we're staying in Ev and Louise's "wardrobe" in Monkstown), Nosher roams about for a bit spotting graffiti and dereliction around Monkstown and Blackrock in County Dublin. A particularly rich source of both is found at the old, now derelict, baths on the seafront near the Blackrock DART station.

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Fred and Isobel in the Club Class lounge of the Ulysses

Fred watches the sea

Dublin Bay, and the 'Winkies'

Rust leaches from an iron railing and stains the ground

A panel on graffiti bridge seems to have been stabbed up a bit

Painted panels

Some dude looks out over Dublin Bay

Graffiti on the base of the Martello tower

Spattered graffiti looks like a Jackson Pollock painting

Rust and spray paint

Meanwhile, Fred crashes out for a bit

The lounge of Number 19

Peat fire

We order in a monster Indian feast

Davida and Philly

Near Stradbrook Hill, a derelict building

Wrecked goalpost

The Bally Brack massive have tagged an abandonned lorry container

Big silver tag

An empty shell of a building

A litter bin's wording has been amusingly modified

Monkstown Castle

Even Monkstown Castle (fifteenth century) can't escape the graffito's paint

In Monkstown Farm, a tagged garage

Derelict house, Monkstown Road

Point of Interest?

A very colourful paint job

Layer upon layer of tags

The alleyway between the Blackrock DART station and the old baths

Steel architectural tie and shattered glass

Blackrock Baths and the Winkies

Gulls perch on the diving platform

An orange-footed bird plods around

Life buoy

Blackrock Baths

Intensely graffitoed base of the diving tower

Elsewhere, on the edge of Blackrock - some wag has stuck a bra on the statue of the three naked ladies

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Fred and Isobel in the Club Class lounge of the Ulysses