Detritus off Oliver Plunkett Road

Detritus off Oliver Plunkett Road

A derelict building near Monkstown Square

Wrecked golapost on St Michael's Park

The Bally Brack massive have tagged a container

A big silver tag

A shell of a building in St. Michael's Park

Derelict building in Monkstown

A tree grows in the derelict building

St. Michael's Park building

A litter bin's wording has been amusingly modified

Monkstown Castle

Even 15th-century buildings don't escape graffiti

Green graffiti on a castle wall

Overflowing recycle bins on Monkstown Avenue

In Monkstown Farm, a tagged garage

Derelict house, Oliver Plunkett Avenue

Fred opens another present

Fred makes his puzzle

Fred fills Grandad's present up with other toys

Graffiti at Blackrock Baths

Point of Interest?

The alley between station and baths

More graffiti in the baths' alley

Graffiti onthe baths

Looking up at the station

The alley again

Layer upon layer of tags

Steel architectural tie and shattered glass

Blackrock Baths and the Winkies

Gulls perch on the diving platform

An orange-footed bird plods around

Life buoy

Graffiti by the beach

Graffiti on a concrete block

A view of the derelict baths

A rubbish dump for cans

The diving platform

Blackrock Baths

A rusty drainpipe

Graffiti on every step

Broken windows

There's a bra on the naked ladies statue on Temple Hill

Fred reaches out for nachos

Over at Wayne and Caro's

Titus the massive cat sits on the table

Philly passes a plate over

Doom-laden skies over the M6

The M6 is hosed on the way back

40 - if only it was