The Cornwallis' avenue - the lights are actually on for a change

The Cornwallis' avenue - the lights are actually on for a change

The Swan is an oasis of light in the snow

Icicles on the garage

Isobel negotiates the ice the Chapel Street car park

Andy the Sausage Dude's van in the freezing weather

Boots and Julian Graves in Diss

The Market Place, and the Meat Inn butchers

Isobel pushes Fred past the post Office

Isobel struggles up the market place in Diss

Fred chuckles in the Post Office

St. Mary's church, Diss, in snow

Isobel parks the buggy outside Amandines

The lads in Browne's the butchers in Diss

Dan Dan the Meat Man fiddles by the window

Frozen sprouts on a stick

Keith of Castle Fruit has an outside stall

The vacant Amity's Florist on Mere Street

Mere Street and the NatWest Bank

Andy Sausage does a bit of trade

The side field in a snowy sunset scene

Isobel and Fred play

Fred trundles off by himself

The Boy builds big towers out of Mega Blocks

Fred stumps around

The sofa offers a bit of support

Fred walks around

Isobel reads That's Not My Kitten

A perpetually-surprised-looking Rob with Wilma

Andy the Sausage Dude (centre)

Our table at the wedding

Max, Henry and Rob of the BBs

Most of The BBs, plus Wilma

Martin does his Best Man speech

Our gear waits on stage

Fred gets an early Christmas present

Carmen laughs in Fred's general direction

Bill plays with some Mega Blocks

Bill swings Fred around

An icicle on a branch

Another icicle

Boris appears to be wearing a scarf