December Miscellany - 18th December 2009

A few random events: it snows heavily in Suffolk and Norfolk; Fred the Head walks; The BBs are at a wedding in Mendlesham; we stop off at The Old Chap's in Macclesfield on the way to Dublin.

next album: Christmas in Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland - 25th December 2009
previous album: Qualcomm Christmas and Festive Snow, Cambridge - 17th December 2009

The Cornwallis' avenue - the lights are actually on for a change

Andy the Sausage Dude's van in the freezing weather

Isobel struggles up the market place in Diss

St. Mary's church, Diss, in snow

The lads in Browne's the butchers in Diss

Sprouts on a stick

The field next to Nosher's in a snowy/sunset scene

Fred walks around

Fred - with his Einstein hair - sticks his tongue out with concentration

A perpetually-surprised-looking Rob with Wilma

Andy the Sausage Dude (centre)

Most of The BBs (plus Wilma)

Martin does his Best Man speech

Carmen laughs in Fred's general direction

Bill plays with some Mega Blocks

A rose with a lump of ice stuck to it


Another icicle

The Old Chap scopes the menu as Isobel and Fred roam around a pub in Macclesfield, Cheshire

Granddad sticks Fred's shoe back on

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The Cornwallis' avenue - the lights are actually on for a change