The destruction of Bartrums continues

The destruction of Bartrums continues

The old office remains mostly intact

A digger lurks in the yard

More piles of crushed concrete

Piles of concrete

Barbed wire in the fence

We meet Martina, Claire, Wavy and Paul

The gang has a chat

Eye town centre

Isobel pushes Fred through Eye

The Primary School choir sings some quiet carols

People disperse after the lights and the tree are turned on

Fred stares out from his coccoon

The Hoxon Hundred dance with sticks

The Hoxon Hundred ladies dance with garlands

Morris outside the Town Hall

Dancing on Lambseth Street

The men finish their dance

The ladies are back out with flowers

The accordions steam in

Morris dancing outside the pharmacy

The market outside the Town Hall

Clare and Rosie

The market

Gov's dad does some filming

A Spanish dude sells Jamon Serrano

There's a djambe workshop outside Tilting Sky