Random dead insect, macro style

Random dead insect, macro style

A Commodore LCD watch

A close-up of a Commodore 1976 LED watch face

Alan gets the tickets in at Diss station

The beer gang cross the bridge

Diss railway station

Crowds pile off the train at Norwich

Gloria and Benny hang around at Norwich station

Suey and Pippa pile through the barriers

We regroup on the station foyer

Apple looks on

Norwich Station

Random news-style sign in an empty art gallery

Outside St. Andrew's Hall

The final stretch to St. Andrew's Hall

Gerry and Carol

Benny's 'brother' Gerry dons a fake beard

Beer-drinking throngs in Blackfriar's Hall

Suey does Tombola

Suey flings bottle caps at a barrel

Another shot of Blackfriar's Hall

Lofty rafters and flags

The bar

A glass engraver does his thing

Crowds at the bar

The Cawston Silver Band

Alan, Sue and Apple in the crowd

Back outside the hall

Wandering back through Tombland

The River Wensum and the Nelson Hotel

Apple (in a blur) comes through the ticket barriers

On the train back to Diss

The lights on the train cut out

On platform 1 at Diss

Over in Cambridge, at Taptu, Matt pops in to say goodbye

Isobel picks apples

The Old Man gets stuck in

Isobel and Grandad picks more apples

Isobel walks up the garden with a bucket of apples

Isobel washes out th buckets

Isobel's got another bucket of apples

Fred helps out a bit

Our apple harvest

A cross-section of green tomato