Fred and Isobel squint in the sunlight near Gate 41, Stansted airport

Fred and Isobel squint in the sunlight near Gate 41, Stansted airport

In Louise and Evelyn's new kitchen

Louise's home-made pizza has been eaten

Nosher inspects an actual cassette tape

Post-pizza drinks

A Monkstown Street in the rain

A snail trundles along a wall

Fred pokes around on a suitcase

In Blackrock, a bunch of beer barrels hang around outside a bar

Blackrock market entrance

The Spar on the High Street

Isobel comes down the street to Insomnia coffee bar

Evelyn looks suspiciously at a lemon muffin

Fred roams around in Insomnia café

Evelyn looks out of the window in Insomnia

Fred tries to sleep in Superquinn supermarket

Isobel and The Boy wander down the road

We visit Cameron in the nearby butcher's

Cameron checks out Fred

Fred reaches out

Fred in his buggy

Fred gets an improvised bib

Abby looks at Fred

Fred veers away from suspect food

Derelict house in Monkstown, with some local graffiti

The derelict houses

There's a hole in the wall

Best or worst prices in town

The Scary Mary on Oliver Plunkett Avenue

A Madonna statue overlooks Monkstown Farm

Streetlight and telegraph pole

The mystery of Red Lemonade

Nosher and Isobel go to Dali restaurant in Blackrock

The scene in Dali

In Sheehan's bar

Behind the bar at Sheehan's

Isobel's school-chums hang out in Sheehan's bar

A bin-bag ghost floats around

A fuzzy double rainbow over Monkstown

Nosher in the kitchen

An Air France 747 cargo taxis around

The Air France/KLM 747 cargo

Strange light gives a 1970s-tinted rainbow at 30,000 feet

On a coastline somewhere

Another aircraft streaks past a mile away

Spoilers up on landing

A Ryainair 737-800 in delivery livery

Julie and Rena

Evelyn with Fred

Noddy and Abby

Fred roams around as a Skelington

Scary stuff at a front door

A comedy pumpkin dog

Fred and Isobel

Fred in the utility room

Fred looks surprised