Ladybird Swarms, a Swiss Fondue and Cat-up-a-tree, Suffolk and Cambridge - 18th October 2009

There's a ladybird swarm one sunny autumn day; Rachel and Sam in Cambridge host one of their legendary fondue nights; Boris disappears and is later found cowering up the walnut tree, shivering. Nosher has to get the ladder out to rescue him

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A Taptu Teddy hangs off an office window.

The ladybird swarm starts

A few wisps of spider web adorn a tiny fir-tree flower

A 'classic' red'n'black ladybird (or 'Bishy Barney Bee' in the Suffolk dialect)

A shiny red ladybird

A ladybird climbs up a peeling windowframe

Rachel and Isobel share a laugh

Isobel inspects a block of bread-and-cheese on the end of her stick

Sam pours a drop of schnapps

Rachel waves about a bit

Fondue lounge

A bottle of schnapps and some waving around

More giggles

Boris-kitteh gets stuck up a tree

Milly runs up the tree for a bit and shows Boris how it's done

Fred the Head

Fred grabs a table mat

Fred walks around his DJ box

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A Taptu Teddy hangs off an office window.