The Shell petrol station in Diss gets rebuilt

The Shell petrol station in Diss gets rebuilt

The petrol station roof is on the ground

A line of roof posts

A view of the Shell Shop

The old Bartrum's site in Diss

Weeds grow through the cracked concrete

Some of the concrete gets dug up

Piles of crushed concrete on Victoria Road

A squirrel eats walnuts

A useful tarpaulin keeps most of the food off the carpet

Clive brings along a bubble machine

There are bubbles everywhere

Matthew waves at bubbles

Elizabeth gets carried around

The cake for Fred, et al

Fred's covered in cake

Fred the Head looks up

Paul brings Jessica in for a bit

Fred wants out

A balloon is waved about

Isobel holds Fred as Grace looks up

It's time for presents

The cake is cut

Back at the house, Fred roams the garden collecting walnuts again

The Boy

Millie the kitten looks about

Boris looks scared about everything

Boris legs it as The Boy trundles in

Fred and Boris look the other way

Millie looks around

Milly the kitten again

Boris: Stripey Cat

Millie on a bench