October Miscellany: A Ride to Oakley Church, Suffolk - 4th October 2009

Isobel, Nosher and The Boy go for a quick cycle ride up to Oakley Church to sit around in the autumn sun and collect conkers for a while.

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previous album: A Postcard From Palmanova, Mallorca - 19th-26th September 2009

Isobel wanders around inside Oakley church

Altar tapestry and painting of the Last Supper

Fred trundles about

Isobel and Fred at the gates of Oakley Church

Fred the Head

Fred holds up a conker

Isobel and Caoimhe wander up Chapel Street in Diss

Fred reaches out for food

Fred roams the garden

Fred clings on to a tree

Trundling around with a potato booty

Fred shows off his mucky paws

Carmen and Bill come over for tea

Interesting moonlit clouds

Chapel Street in Diss is closed off for sewer repairs

A seagull over the Mere

Seagulls whirl around, scrounging for food

Some random fancy-dressers walk up Mere Street

Amazingly bad grammar alert: 'Fly more farther; aim more accurate'.

Fred reads the menu in Amandines café

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Isobel wanders around inside Oakley church