Isobel wanders around inside Oakley church

Isobel wanders around inside Oakley church

Isobel inspects the impressive Reredos

Altar Reredos of the Last Supper

Fred trundles about

An interest pair of recesses

The nave of St. Mary, Brome

Isobel and Fred look back from the porch gate

Out in the parched graveyard

Isobel carries Fred around

Fred the Head

Fred holds up a conker

Isobel and Caoimhe wander up Chapel Street in Diss

Boris perches on the scratch post

Fred reaches out for food

Fred roams the garden

Fred hangs on to his Trundle Truck

Fred stumps off to find things for his truck

Fred sits in the MX-5

Carmen and Bill come over for tea

Fred goes over to see Bill

Fred shoes off his trundle truck

Isobel reads a story

Boris the kitten has a sleep

Chapel Street in Diss is closed off for sewer repairs

Seagulls whirl around, scrounging for food

Strange goings on by M&Co in Diss

Some random fancy-dressers walk up Mere Street

Amazingly bad grammar alert: 'Fly more farther; aim more accurate'.

Fred reads the menu in Amandines café

Fred eats a biscuit in Amandines