A Postcard From Palmanova, Mallorca - 19th-26th September 2009

Palmanova: where chips are chips, breakfasts are "full English" and the brassers get their boobs out on the beach. Nosher, Isobel and The Boy are in town on account of Nosher's week-long residential at the Observatorio Astronómic de Mallorca. Whilst Nosher is out all night staring at stars, Isobel and Fred hang out in nearby Illetes. When the fates allow, we meet up for a few hours on a couple of afternoons - other times, whilst it's lashing it down in a tropical storm stylie, Nosher prowls around Palmanova scoping out the tourists in their emergency full-body-condom suits.

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previous album: SXR208: Observing the Universe, an Astronomy Residential, Mallorca - 19th-26th September 2009

Fred mills around Stansted airport lounge

Fred stares at planes

The sign on the engine says 'no people'. Fair enough at 35,000 feet.

Fred and Isobel on the Ruinair flight

Boredom at Palma Mallorca airport

The loneliness of the long-distance lost bag

In Palma, a massed exercise bike-a-thon finishes

Passers by have a quick go at the exercise bikes

Some dude runs a step aerobics class

Isobel at 'Pizza Nova'

Gaudy booze shop, Palmanova

Hedwig, Isobel and Fred on the beach

Fred goes for a paddle. He's not too keen...

Fred and Isobel

Fred has a bucket on his head

Asleep on the beach

End-of-the-world clouds rumble towards Palmanova

The neon-lit booze shop again

Soggy sun loungers

On the boardwalk

A wet shower outlet

Beach bin and a discarded lilo

Wet street

Giant condom-clad tourists look in tat shops

Empty bench

A flooded pavement

Girls in plastic bags take photos of each other

Day-glo posters tempt passers-by

Mallorquin graffiti

Moist inflatables

Chopped feet help model some shoes

A box full of 'hello kitties'

Fred the Head: the wizard of stink

Nosher eats pistachios

Nosher's feet on the beach

A tiled map of Palmanova

The view from the hotel balcony

Fred on his way to a night out

Isobel and Hedwig in Illetes

Fred roams around outside the Mercado

Fred Head

A brief chuckle: 'Nauti Parts'. Indeed.

Looking for a restaurant

We meet up with Isobel's local family (left)

Fred celebrates his first birthday

The view from Isobel's apartment at night

Sunrise in Illetes

A sign on the way to the observatory. What does it all mean?

At Palma airport, a strange closed-off room of randomness


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Fred mills around Stansted airport lounge