The hotel

The hotel

Down on the street in Palmanova

Action down in Palma

The Ferrocarril to Soller

In Palma, a massed exercise bike-a-thon finishes

Massed exercise bikes

More bikes

A massive step class occurs

Some dude runs a step aerobics class

Isobel at 'Pizza Nova'

We wander past a booze shop

Fred does some moves

Gaudy booze shop, Palmanova

A wall of rain moves in

Isobel and Fred on the beach

Hedwig, Isobel and Fred

Fred with a bucket

Isobel waves Fred around over the sea

Isobel with Fred

Fred and Isobel

Fred has a bucket on his head

Asleep on the beach

End-of-the-world clouds rumble towards Palmanova

Random posters

The neon-lit booze shop again

Empty sun beds on the beach

The sunbeds are a bit damp

A wet shower outlet

Beach bin and a discarded lilo

Wet brick paving

Giant condom-clad tourists look in tat shops

Empty bench

Tourist shops in the rain

Stop Palma Nova. Quite

Tourists look baffled by the rain

The tragic sight of a 'British Restaurant'

Girls in plastic bags take photos of each other

Day-glo posters tempt passers-by

Mallorquín graffiti

Moist inflatables

A box full of 'hello kitties'

The view from the balcony

Palma apartments

Fred watches telly

Fred the Head: the wizard of stink

Nosher's feet on the beach

Pedalos of Palma Nova

A tiled map of Palmanova

Another view from the hotel balcony

Hedwig and Isobel on the street

Fred on his way to a night out

Isobel and Hedwig in Illetes

Hedwig takes a photo

Fred at the Mercado

Fred roams around outside the Mercado

Fred Head

Isobel and Fred

Roaming around in the evening

A brief chuckle: 'Nauti Parts'. Indeed.

A pile of laundry

Isobel and Hedwig

Looking for a restaurant

We meet up with Isobel's local family

A family reunion

Ice cream with a candle

Fred celebrates his first birthday

Fred on a sunlounger

Isobel has another night out with the family

A sunset in Illetes

Fred on the apartment floor

Fred roams around on the balcony

Nosher and Fred

The view from Isobel's apartment at night

Sunrise in Illetes