Fred continues pushing his trundle truck around

Fred continues pushing his trundle truck around

Fred and his trundle truck

Fred stumps around the garden

Nosher's MX-5

Daisy from next door comes to visit

Spot the Daisy Dog with Fred

Fred's trundling again

Phil plays with his CrackBerry

The chaos of the kitchen

Phil's still on his phone

Phil in the Cornwallis

The boy roams around

Breakfast o'clock

In the Cornwallis's front drive

Walking around the Cornwallis

Kai's forgotten something

Kai in Brome Church

Isobel and Lolly

Poking around the church

Phil checks out a booklet

Phil sticks some money in the collection box

Kai outside the church

Lolly looks at flints

Lolly points at the sky

Walking back past Dr. Vickery's pad

A duck down by the Mere

Fred and Isobel in Amandines

Fred plays with his favourite toy

Isobel and Fred in Amandines

A random photo of Lindsey of Taptu

The building opposite Taptu gets a make-over

Fred collects walnuts

Fred's trundle truck

Fred pushes on through the grass

A neatly wasp-cleaned apple