The Eye Show and the Red Arrows, Palgrave, Suffolk - 31st August 2009

Nosher, Isobel and The Boy visit the Eye Show - formerly actually based in Eye, but now relocated to Palgrave. It's a hot day, and there's enough stuff occuring, including the highlight of a display by the legendary Red Arrows. Paul and Claire are spotted, as well as Billy Boy manning the Diss ping-pong tent.

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Eagle eye: a bird of prey watches stuff

The Red Arrows fly past in Concorde formation

The Reds roll over in their Apollo formation, with smoke trails back-lit by the sun

Lovely shot of the Flanker formation, with some nice back-lit smoke trails

Wingtip vortices rip thin streams of moisture out of the air as the Red Arrows roll out of the bottom of a Wineglass formation

Blue and white spread

One of the synchro pair streaks past

Matthew is not too impressed with the enoise

Head on view

Blue, white and red smoke

Close formation

Five BAe Hawks roar past

It's a roll-over

A tangle of aircraft

The Eye Show is reflected in Paul's shades

The Vander Brothers do a 'wheel of death' kind of thing

One half of 'Jive Pony' leaps on to their horse

Snogging a pony

Riding horses in a 'Roman' style

That's one way to dis-mount

Meanwhile, a logging competition is in progress

An old-style threshing machine gets to thresh stuff

The olds sit down on benches and watch an organ

Organ workings

An old traction engine

Kids bounce around on big elastic strings

The Boy

Someone carries home an oversized novelty gift

Fred the Head

These really are knights in shining armour

Sword fight in progress

The eagle is still staring at stuff

A girl shows off an owl

A stern biblical dude

Fred and Isobel mill around outside the ping-pong tent

Random stuff

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Eagle eye: a bird of prey watches stuff