August Miscellany: Sis and Matt, Fred in Dublin, Moonlight and Kittens - August 2009

Isobel and The Boy™ are in Dublin for 10 days, so Nosher is sanding the floor in the lounge. There's also a spot of moonlight photography, as the missing tripod head had finally been replaced; the kittens wig out chasing thing-on-a-stick and Nosher's Sis and bro-in-law come over to visit for a couple of days, so it's off for a walk over the fields and through the village...

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Jamie and Fred

Mrs. D does the 'L' sign

Ma D and The Boy

Oilseed Rape stubble in the moonlight

Starry sky

Milly the Mooch leaps in to action

Milly and Boris

Multiple kittens

Car headlights in the mist, and maybe an early Perseid meteor

The full moon, and a moon-bow, towards the right

The window in the lounge is removed in order to get the sofa outside, prior to floor sanding

Iz and Sis stride across the fields

Isobel looks at Chinner the Wonder-Horse

Matt takes photos as Chinner sniffs Isobel's hand

Walking up the lane from Church Farm

Matt takes a photo of a hundred acres of parsley

Matt takes more photos

Some derelict farm machinery

The old K-6 phonebox in Brome Street

Brome Church

Stained glass window

An angel watches over the churchyard

Matt in action with camera

Really cool fungus on some dead wood

Sis does 'prawn fingers' in Lindsey House restaurant

Matt flakes out on the lawn

Sis looks at some phone pics

Fred the Head in the sink/bath

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Jamie and Fred