Isobel and Sis stride across the fields

Isobel and Sis stride across the fields

Chinner trots over

Chinner comes to say hello

Isobel looks at Chinner the Wonder-Horse

Matt takes photos as Chinner sniffs Isobel's hand

Walking up the lane from Church Farm

Matt takes a photo of a hundred acres of parsley

Fuzzy thistle flowers

Isobel surveys the field

Matt takes another photo

Matt takes more photos

Isobel and Sis

Some derelict farm machinery

The old K-6 phonebox in Brome Street

The Church of St. Mary in Brome

Stained glass

An angel watches over the churchyard

Matt in action with camera

Really cool fungus on some dead wood

Sis does 'prawn fingers' in Lindsey House restaurant

Millie ventures outside

The kittens get let out for the first time

Millie on the path

Boris tentatively tries out this grass stuff

Lounging around in the garden

Sis looks at some phone pics

Fred the Head in the sink/bath