Wedding-day preparations

Wedding-day preparations

Hair and make-up are done

Julie enjoys a glass of fizz with a hair do

More wedding preparations

Someone's written NASA on an overturned tank

Julie makes more preparations

Smoked salmon canapés and fizz

Julie checks the table arrangements

There are actual goldfish on the tables

A wedding table

Julie is installed in the dress

The bridesmaids have a glass of champagne

A bridal party photo

Julie gets a hair adjustment

Catriona comes in to see what's up

Isobel, Rena and Evelyn arrive

The wedding lads

Jimmy and Julie

Two of the younger guests

A view out of the window

Evelyn and Noddy mill around outside

Guests hang around outside Ballintaggart

The outside guests are summoned

A packed room

Cameron and Julie

The service kicks off

The mothers do some vase filling thing

Julie and Cameron after the wedding

There's a guard of honour outside

A video camera is held high

It's bubbles instead of confetti

A photo of a photo

A group wedding photo

Compact camera action

Jimmy and Julie

Noddy and Philly hang around

The official photographer talks shots

Rena, Evelyn and Davida

An Isobel family photo

The bride and bridesmaids

The entire wedding party waves up to the window

We take a detour down to the beach

Cameron and Julie walk down to the sea

A photo on the rocks

Some of the other beachgoers are bemused by it all

The wedding party heads to the sea

Champagne on the beach

The lads go for a paddle

Julie and the bridesmaids get their feet wet

A wedding party on the beach

A view of the sandy cove

Julie's sparkly shoes and some manky trainers

Fred makes a bid for freedom at the reception

Catriona looks up

Isobel and Fred

The wedding menu

Julie and Cameron make an entrance

Jimmy does a speech

A toast is raised

Another speech

A tree is planted

Someone checks on the goldfish

Wedding conversation

Wedding guests


Jimmy, from a distance


Some digital camera photos are reviewed

Another toast

Julie and Cameron get a snog in

An announcement is made

The guests file out of the reception

The wedding moves out to the courtyard

The first dance

Noddy chats to one of our table companions

Nosher and Isobel

A random gutter box, pinched from Kilmore Fish

Guests are a blur in the courtyard

Noddy chats

Inside some Stick Game occurs

There's a lantern session

Julie has a lantern ready to go

Cameron struggles with a flaming lantern

A lantern floats off

Another lantern is ready to go

A load of lanterns float off

Isobel and Noddy let one go

Cameron lurks by the cake

The wedding gently decomposes into a party

A guests moves around Ballintaggart House

A boy takes a photo of his dad

Some wedding dancing kicks off

A bit of air guitar

Dancing to the band

More dancing