Fred the Head on the bike seat

Fred the Head on the bike seat

Isobel cycles down from the house

Isobel and Fred on the pub bench

Flowers in a tub

The Thornham Four Horseshoes

Isobel does raspberries on Fred's feet

Fred is picked up

Fred reaches out for some nearby plants

Fred and Isobel again

A flower bed

Isobel on the road to Thornham Walks

Fred with a stripey-rimmed hat

A million flowers on Mellis Common

Isobel waits for Nosher at Mellis Common

Poppies at Wetherden

More Wetherden poppies

A derelict cottage near South Lopham

The derelict cottage through the willows

Another view of the derelict thatch

Isobel leaves a fridge-magnet birthday message on the fridge

Evelyn and Abby on Mere Street, Diss

Philly, Evelyn and Abby

Noddy, Evelyn and Abby in the garden