We meet up in the hotel bar

We meet up in the hotel bar

Fred gets a present from Bill and Carmen

Fred with Bill and Carmen

As usual, the box is the most interesting bit

Carmen with Fred and the box

Back in the room, Fred has a feed

Fred's got some milk

Marc chats to Spam and Jill

Beer in the restaurant

Jill looks over

There's a morning map meeting

Maps are double-checked

Bill plays with Fred for a bit

Paul, DH and The Boy Phil

Marc plays with a stripey ginger cat

The Boy Phil has a go at cat tormenting

Marc and Bill

Fred's got a chip

A stop in the Bell and Jorrocks

The BSCC leaves its mark

The Boy Phil and Carmen

DH is on the phone

Fred has a sleep

The Boy Phil reads the paper

Derelict pumps at the Forge Garage

An old Avery-Hardoll pump

A Wayne pump in gallons

The still-shiny Avery pump

The derelict pumps at the Forge again

Bill and The Boy Phil outside the pub

DH looks worried

Marc on his bike

The tandem is ready to go

Outside the Bell and Jorrocks in Frittenden

A closed-down shop

A petrol sighting glass

Bill's bike is a bit small

We stop on a bridge for a look

Some semi-derelict garages

We watch the M20 for a bit

The BSCC at dinner

DH sticks his tongue out

Alan and Spammy

Apple gurns

Bill sticks a serviette up his nose

Pre-dinner conversation

Bill, Carmen and Suey raise a glass

Nosher does the face

Suey hides behind a menu

Marc and Isobel eat pudding

The next morning, bikes are loaded up

We go for a rainy walk around Leeds Castle

Through the castle gates

A four-poster bed

A fancy regal bathroom

Phil and Isobel roam around

Isobel and Fred in the library

Isobel, Fred and Carmen have a huddle

Leeds Castle's house

Carmen and Phil look back

An interesting door knocker

DH pokes about in the blossom

We follow a peacock

We watch a peacock posing around

The vermillion bird

A jackdaw gives the hairy eyeball