Lucy helps Isobel pick flowers off a bush

Lucy helps Isobel pick flowers off a bush

Lucy with some blossom

Sam pitches in too

Hanging out in the back garden

Lucy and Isobel do Incy Wincy Spider

Sam looks around

Lucy under the walnut tree

Fred and Isobel

Fred with a stipey hat

Sam plays some penny whistle

It's curry time

Around the table for curry

Sam considers the not-quite-elderflower brew

The babies look at the oilseed flowers

A field of yellow oilseed

Isobel and Fred

Clothes-pegs on a line

Isobel in the apple blossom

A view of the school and the church

The gang on the top of Eye Castle

Isobel and Sam read the information sign

Lucy roams around

Isobel, with Fred strapped on, walks down the path

Rachel and Lucy near the castle

The house next to the bakery looks quite derelict

An empty shop on the corner of Church Street

Lucy, Sam and Rachel walk past McColl's

We do a sight-seeing tour of Eye

Fred peers around

Walking to the church

A view over the graveyard

Rachel points to some impressive carvings

Rachel and Isobel in Billingford

The Billingford Windmill

Sam walks around near the windmill

No road markings, except where there are

Sam waves around a bottle of wine

We have roast dinner in the garden