The BBs Cut a New Disc, and Fred's Head - 30th November 2008

Nosher and Isobel rush back from Bournemouth because The BBs are in the "studio", recording a new demo CD. It's a good laff, and we get the best part of eight tracks laid down (including comedy backing-vocals). The recording is then off in the hands of Max for a spot of mixing, before we let it loose upon the world. Later, Fred's bouncing around in his bouncy chair, and is being particularly photogenic.

next album: The Brome Swan Cycle Club Chrimbo Dinner, Suffolk - 6th December 2008
previous album: Visiting Friends and Rellies, New Milton, Hampshire - 28th November 2008

Max pokes around with his new 'Crack'Berry

Henry swigs from a bottle of water and ponders

Rob fiddles with some cables

Rob straps his Tele on

Alex in the back room, twiddling knobs

The 'studio' in full effect

The boys line up for their vocal contributions

Nosher and Henry have a giggle

Fred is looking very cute

Another trademark 'stare-ey' look

Fred gives the camera his bestest stare

Fred looks a little worried

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Max pokes around with his new 'Crack'Berry