Isobel walks out onto Station Road

Isobel walks out onto Station Road

Nosher's favourite bookshop is sadly closed

Station Road is not much changed since the 1980s

The Post Office - just like a model railway building

The old Woolworths

Bradbeers is another shop from the olden days

R. H. Fagan - keepin' it Old Skool

Another sad sight of the New Milton Bookshop

Nosher and Fred by the shelter on Barton cliff-top

Nosher on the clifftop at Barton

Isobel adjusts her sunglasses

The Beachcomber café

Barton seafront and cliffs

The sea, looking towards Hengistbury Head


Isobel makes like a rock on the sea front

Isobel puts her fake-fur hood up

Isobel by Nosher's favourite groyne

Nosher looks out to sea

The ever-sleeping Fred

A rock spiral on the beach

An 80s attempt to stop slumping is pushed away

The remains of a house sticks out of the cliffs

Isobel stands on the path and waits

More building remains

The Isle of Wight and the Needles

A café sign without an obvious café to go with it

A rock groyne and the sea

Beach huts on Barton Beach

A woman struggles up the hill

Inside the Beachcomber Café

Isobel with Fred, who's still asleep

It's getting dark over at Will's Mother's

As the rain closes in, we sit in the car

Barton houses in a blurry wing mirror

Over at Sean's Sydney and Rowan play with Fred

Isobel with the baby

Jon in his parent's upstairs flat

Jon looks at Fred, who's on the floor in his car seat