New Milton and Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire - 27th November 2008

Nosher, Isobel and Fred are down in New Milton to catch up with some friends and relatives. The first stop is a visit to the old childhood haunts of New Milton and Barton on Sea seafront, to show Fred around and to have a general poke about to see what's changed recently (and to see where they've managed to stick yet more flats)

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The little-changed (since the 80s) main street of New Milton

The old Woolworths

Another shop that's been around since the dawn of time: Bradbeers

R. H. Fagan - keepin' it Old Skool (in menswear at least)

A tragedy of the times: Nosher's favourite book-related haunt is no more

Nosher and Fred by the shelter on Barton cliff-top

Isobel adjusts her sunglasses

Beachcomber café

Walkers on the seafront


Isobel makes like a rock on the sea front

Eskimo Iz

Nosher's favourite spot

Nosher and Fred stare out to sea (well, Fred doesn't actually stare anywhere)

A rock spiral

An 80s attempt to stop the rampant erosion is pushed inexorably in to the sea

Isobel stands on the path and waits

A café sign without an obvious café to go with it

A rock groyne and the sea

Beach huts on Barton Beach

A woman struggles up the hill

Inside the Beachcomber Café

It's getting dark over at Will's Mother's

As the rain closes in, we sit in the car, on the cliff top, for a bit

Barton houses in a blurry wing mirror

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The little-changed (since the 80s) main street of New Milton