There's an early sprinkle of snow

There's an early sprinkle of snow

A snowy sunset over the side field

A snowy tree

Saturday evening, and it's starting to cover

The back garden the following morning

The Cornwallis's drive

A picturesque scene from the gardens of the Cornwallis Hotel

The Cornwallis Hotel

There's a tiny bit of colour in the leaves

Nosher's local - the Brome Swan, on the A140

The junction to Eye and the B1077

The B1077 to Eye

An encrusted post box

A drive off Rectory Road

Chinner the horse stands in his field

Chinner behind his gate

Nosher with Fred on Rectory Road

A reflection in a mirror

Brome's St. Mary's Church in the snow

A snowy graveyard

Orange leaves scatter on a snowy grave

The nave of Brome church

The Cornwallis family chapel

Nosher hangs around at the Lych gate

Fred sleeps a bit more

Strange green formations on a frozen pond

A frozen resevoir

Nosher's own wellie-boot-prints

The snowy 100-acre field

A solitary leaf

The mystery of the Yaxley Cherry Tree beer-festival sign

Pheasant feet