Suffolk Snow Days - 22nd November 2008

It's a rare-enough occurrence these days: a covering of snow deep enough to actually make snowballs with, and it even sticks around for a day or two. Isobel's laid up in bed with a 24-hour virus thing, so Nosher takes the boy out for a stroll up Brome Street and back, so that Fred can see hist first snow (or, rather, sleep through it).

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Sunset and Snow: the weather piles in

Saturday evening, and it's starting to cover

The back garden

A picturesque scene from the gardens of the Cornwallis Hotel

A few golden leaves provide a spot of colour

Nosher's local - the Brome Swan

A horsie (with cold feet) stands in a field

The cemetary gates

Brome Church in the snow

Orange leaves scatter on a snowy grave

The interior of Brome church

Nosher hangs around at the Lych gate of Brome Church

Fredster sleeps a bit more

Strange green formations on a frozen pond

Nosher's own wellie-boot-prints

A solitary leaf

A postcard view of Brome Street

The mystery of the Yaxley Cherry Tree 'beer festival' sign deepens, as it's found even further up the road

Fuzzy (pheasant) feet

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Sunset and Snow: the weather piles in