Isobel's Rellies and Burnt Buildings, Suffolk and Cambridge - 20th November 2008

Some of Isobel's rellies, who used to live nearby (ish) in Hadleigh, but who now live in Dat Dare Laaaahndaahn, come up to visit Fred. Nosher's dad's in town too, so it's a full house for Sunday afternoon. Later, there's a stop-off, on the way to work, to scope out the building, on the end of Mill Road in Cambridge, which caught fire and closed the road for a day. It's been derelict for a while, so it burning down is probably quite "convenient"...

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Fred, Iz, Hedwig, Maya and Clare

Nosher's dad (who seems to have shrunk in the wash) joins the fray

Nosher joins in

Hedwig gets a photo

Grandad and the boy

Fred gets a tickle under the chin

Fred's all a bit 'meh' about things

Fred's a bit overwhelmed by the toys dangling from his 'activity den'

Nosher's pleased to see that the slogan 'Our democracy means you get to choose your war criminals' has survived the fire

Burned-out building on Mill Road

Part of a venetian blind pokes out from a broken door

A digger awaits

The wrecked building, framed in a digger's arm

The scene from outside the next-door derelict building. Next on the list?

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Fred, Iz, Hedwig, Maya and Clare