At Taptu, Conor gets his organising hat on

At Taptu, Conor gets his organising hat on

Kristian, Jenna and Nick look at something

Connor in the office

Steve is doing proper stretches and everything

The Taptu runners

The runners leave the building

The runners walk round the building

There's a quick sprint across the car park

Francis, from Qualcomm

Craig gives a tip 'o the shades

Craig and Cliff from Qualcomm

There's a group huddle

Part of Team Taptu

Jake, Connor, Brett and Kristian

A knife and fork

Steve Ives on the starting line

The run kicks off

Bright wigs run off

A novelty entry with a jail-cell made of pipe

The buggy mummies walk off around the science park

Steve comes in from his run - just over 6 minutes

In the background, Dan from Qualcomm waits

Another Team Taptu runner comes in

The Green team romps in

Conor gives it the thumbs-up

The scene outside the Milton Hilton

The collection of cutlery makes it back

The jail-birds return

Craig, in shades, waits

Jake from Taptu and Dan from Qualcomm at the finish

This dude looks like he's enjoying the finish

Isobel with Fred-in-a-sling

Cliff Dive completes his leg

Ramon, from Taptu's Content Research team

Results are checked at the finish line

Connor and Steve Ives

Isobel comes over to meet the runners

Nick 'Son of Boris' makes it back

Ramon and Lyndsey

Steve and Brett furtively scoff muffins

Connor and a box of muffins

Isobel eats some muffin

Isobel and Fred

A Qualcomm photo occurs

An autumn tree on the Science Park