Isobel and Fred

Isobel and Fred

Isobel and Fred meet Marc and Sue at the bar

Suey gets a go

Fred, Suey and MArc

Sue has a go of Fred

Claire and Paul, with Jessica

Carmen and Isobel

Uncle Chris roams around

The boys

Isobel and Uncle Chris

Martina waves

Jimmy does a bit of a speech

Mikey P raises a glass

Apple and Pippa in the Cherry Tree

Bill says few words

Bill and Carmen have a bit of a dance

A disco in the Cherry Tree

Jen and Simon

Carmen roams around

Bill pretends to stab himself

Bill checks out the cake

Bill gets ready with a knife

Uncle Chris

Carmen and Bill cut the cake

Ruth hangs around near the buffet

Fred's asleep on the floor

Isobel wrings her hands

Andy struts his, er, 'funky' stuff

The Boy Phil at the bar

Martina grabs a glass of wine

Apple and Pip get ready to cycle off in the rain

Wavy's in the apple trees

Wavy picks apples

Louise lurks in the apple boxes

Nosher's up a ladder

Louise packs up apples

Nosher up a tree

Fred's in the garden in a buggy

The apple harvest