Matt waits

Matt waits

After the service

Emma and Matt after the signing of the register

Emma and Matt walk up the aisle

All the guests filter out of the room

Isobel in a red corridor

The venue

We borrow a bedroom so that Fred can be fed

Outside, by the fountain, more photos are taken

A grand staircase

Quendon Hall

Mingling around after the gig

Caroline and John roam around

The huddled masses in the garden

A group photo

Caroline and John inspect the fountain

Emma has a Kir Royale

Matt roams around

Through the looking-glass, presents are carried

Bridesmaids on a window-sill

Emma comes in with a bunch of flowers

Fred has finished eating and is just lying around

We take Fred downstairs so Hannah can have a go

Emma comes over to have a look

John does a turn

In a room

Fred and Isobel

At the dinner table

An after-dinner pause

Hannah listens to a speech

'Are you taking photos again?'

Matt smiles

Matt and Emma listen

The cutting of the cake

Emma and the top table

Matt takes a photo of the cake

The wedding reception

We retreat to the drawing room for a while

A very grumbly Fred

Disco dancing

Fred comes over for a bop

More wedding dancing

Emma and Matt get on down

Fred scopes the room

Fred and Isobel

Isobel and Fred relax in the quiet room

The baby Fred

Fred and Nosher

Back at the flat, Fred's asleep again