Matt and Emma's Wedding, Quendon, Essex - 7th November 2008

It's a Friday, so a half-day holiday is taken for the short trip down to Essex, near Stansted, for Matt and Emma's wedding. We have special dispensation to bring Fred (on account of him being only six weeks old) as he's lashed down to his basinette and can't run around the place terrorising the other guests

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Matt grins for a photo

Emma and Matt after the signing of the register

Walking up the aisle

All the guests filter out of the room

Meanwhile, we borrow one of the bedrooms so that Fred can be fed

Outside, by the fountain, more photos are taken

Quendon Hall

The huddled masses in the garden

A group photo

Emma drinks a Kir Royale

Through the looking-glass, pressies are carried

Bridesmaids on a window-sill

Emma returns from the garden

Upstairs, Fred has finished eating and is just lying around

We take Fred downstairs so Hannah can have a go

Fred and Isobel

An after-dinner pause

Hannah, and another of the bridesmaids, listen to a speech

A rapt audience

'Are you taking photos again?'

Matt's dad and Emma's mum

Father of the bride

Matt and Emma listen

The cutting of the cake

Matt takes a photo of the cake

We retreat to the drawing room for a while

Disco dancin'

Fred comes over for a bop

Emma and Matt get on down

Fred scopes the room

Fred and Isobel

Isobel and Fred relax in the quiet room

Funky chandelier

Chubby chops

Fred and Nosher

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Matt grins for a photo